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I am a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)  practitioner. As a trained facilitator, I guide individuals as they navigate uncertainty through empathy filled empowerment. I facilitate crucial conversations & curate brave spaces for engagement. I amplify the voices of others so they can feel seen/heard thus experiencing true belonging. This is my leadership purpose.

I champion young and developing professionals who seek to ascend in their careers and life; empowering them to channel their talents and passion with fierce focus. I curate experiences that connect people with resources. I spotlight hidden figures to aid in illuminating their path so that they shine. This brings me joy.

Creating a culture of inclusion for the workforce at all levels stems from my deep passion and desire to bridge the empathy gap. This keeps me motivated and focused.

As a Haitian American Muslim woman, and a child of immigrant parents I’ve experienced what it means to feel excluded. My own journey of seeking to belong deepened my curiosity of self and others. What I discovered on that journey is both the absence and value of empathy. This is the foundation that I stand on.

Within my 17 years of progressive experience building organizational relationships and partnerships, I have learned that empathy is a critical core leadership skill. It leads to trust, deepened individual awareness, and organizational transformation. Empathy is critical in establishing productive working relationships and leadership effectiveness.

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I work with professionals including but not limited to interns, early careers, developing professionals, mid-level managers, and C suite Senior leaders. I disrupt performative efforts by challenging the status quo. I assist in identifying systemic barriers that inhibit change. I inspire organizations to launch into courageous dialogue in order to identify meaningful initiatives. I challenge organizations to create an integrative and collaborative approach to change that results in sustainable strategic wins.

It is through empathic learning opportunities that I set the stage for complex conversations on healing, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. By empowering leaders to find their authentic voice and lead with a compassionate heart, I am able to shift company culture and transform each individual.



Currently booking 2024 speaking engagements and podcasts.
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